Usama Shihabudeen

Growth Hacker

Kenney Jacob

CEO, Ayruz Web Holdings

Aashin Thampy

Digital Marketer

Tony John


Akhil Krishna


Sujith Bhakthan

Video Blogger

Aravind TS


Sunil Thomas


Jefin Jo Thomas

Instructional Designer at Waggle Lab

Jabir M A

CEO, UFS Technologies.

Harisankar P S

Founder, Red Panthers

Harunshah Salim

Director - Web Business, Aabasoft Technologies

Mujeeb Rahman

Freelance Web, Magazine Designer

Arjun PK

Executive Director - Legal Collective for Students' Rights

Lettisha LS

Research Team Head, Legal Collective for Students' Rights

Ebadu Rahman

Tech Vlogger

Jemshid KK

Applied Mathematician

Helen Monai

Former Fellow,Kerala Startup Mission

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