Tools of Democracy

Kenney Jacob


Data Studio

Tony John

Data Studio - The free visualisation tool from Google


Yellow Journalism

Aashin Thampy

Exposing yellow journalism


Time for Life

Akhil Krishna

Time for Life - Effective time Management


Travel Hacking Tips

Sujith Bhakthan

Travel Hacking Tips - Tips to Travel Smarter, Safer, and Cheaper


Activity oriented management education

Aravind TS

Activity oriented management education


How to start a new business?

Ivin Gancius



Ham Radio for the Internet generation

Sunil Thomas

The talk will introduce new generation techies Hamradio with live demo


Gig Economy And The Future of Learning

Jefin Jo Thomas

An introspection about present day learning and an ideation on perspective changes needed for adapting to the Gig Economy


Stay Positive and Achieve Your Dream

Harunshah Salim

About the importance of staying positive, tips to stay positive and more


Building a remote work culture

Harisankar P S

Managing a group of people right in front of you itself is a tedious task, imaging managing people who are never going to come to your office, that the challenge and it can only be achieved by building a culture.


Customer Care

Jabir M A

How to handle your customer


Jimikki Kammal

Usama Shihabudeen

A detailed analysis of how videos get viral in social media.


Why Telegram

Mujeeb Rahman

Telegram is a great Instant messaging application. it has so many features. and most of us are not aware of these features. I am trying to explain why you should use the telegram.


Being a Student(s') Lawyer

Arjun PK & Lettisha LS

On the confrontation between law and the unbridled power of the Higher Educational Institutions


Vlogging As A Career

Ebadu Rahman

Experience Sharing on Vlogging as a career.


Fuck Democracy. Yes I mean it.

Jemshid KK

Democracy has a fundamental problem. Democracy is about imposing the whims and fancies of the majority on the freedom of an individual. What else can you expect from democracy when the mob starts controlling the rights (making laws) of an individual? Instead of democracy what we need is a political system which focuses on the fundamental rights. And a minimal government powerful just enough to impose the fundamental rights and no more than that. Questions to ponder upon are 1. What are the fundamental rights? 2. How do we reach an agreement on fundamental rights? 3. How to impose fundamental rights? 4. Fascist regimes are democratically elected ?!


She believed she could, so she did

Helen Monai

About 10 Influential women in Kerala today